Where is TALEX 3 in Development?

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Dear All,

A lot of Members have been emailing in to ask how far along in development we are with TALEX 3, and when its likely to be delivered.

To put a number on it I would say we are 98% finished.

All the “heavy lifting” work has been done in terms of getting the hardware right.

We’re now just finalising a few details such as perfecting the Intelligent Alert Distance settings, refining some gaps in the voice alerts, and generally making some final refinements.

We’ll only instruct production to commence once these details are 100% to our satisfaction but they are “easy” changes so shouldn’t take too long to get finished :-)

Once done, production will likely take around 60 days.

I don’t want to put an exact delivery date on it, but – barring any unforeseen disaster — it will definitely be in 2020!

I’m SUPER excited about the launch of TALEX 3.

If you’re a long term Member, you’ll know I’ve been dropping the occasional hint about a new TALEX for YEARS now! We’ve been down many blind alleys with factories who said they could do what we wanted, but then ultimately couldn’t deliver.

So I’m relieved as well as excited that all the work that’s gone in to the TALEX 3 project in the background has finally come together!

TALEX 3 is currently LIVE to BTST & DriveProtect Members, and to ‘old’ TALEX Users.

You can get a half price discount during the pre-launch, however the deal will only be live for a limited time:

All the best,


Pre-Order your TALEX 3 Here

Update Tuesday 28th July 2020:

We hit our target of 5,000 Initial Users!
You can still order if this page is visible, however the Launch Deal won’t be open indefinitely.