Introducing TALEX 3!

Introducing TALEX 3…!

1- Introducing TALEX 3
4 Years in Development!
4- TALEX 3 says “NO” to 5G
5- Where is TALEX 3 in Development?
6- Display – First Look
7- Sounds – First Listen


Dear BTST Member,

The brand new TALEX 3 is finally almost here!

It has the same qualities we all loved about the last generation TALEX’s, but the big difference is that it updates automatically via the inbuilt SIM card!

Each day — or however often you use your TALEX 3 — when we run the daily update, it automatically downloads the latest TALEX Database to your device, without you ever having to think about it…

User Alerts!

Other Members can also alert the rest of us about mobile speed trap locations that have just popped up overnight with one click!

When a TALEX 3 User spots a new mobile speed trap location, they can click the Community Alert button and that location will *instantly* be downloaded to other Users devices within a 50 mile radius.

If you’re outside of the 50 mile radius, but subsequently enter it on that day, your device will automatically download the location:

You never have to plug your TALEX 3 in to a computer to update it — unless you prefer to do it that way, in which case you can :-)

It also alerts you when a community Member in your vicinity reports a mobile speed trap for that day.

All this means that you will always have the very latest Database on your TALEX, without having to remember to plug it in to a computer to download the latest database.

We’ve literally been trying — albeit off and on — for over a decade to get this right!

For example, he’s a picture I just found from late 2009(!) where we were trying to get a “TALEX 2” (as it will now be known…) to work with automatic updates!

There were many other attempts, but we could never capture the “X factor” we require for TALEX, and so we didn’t proceed…

In one way it’s a little embarrassing that it’s taken us a decade to make TALEX 3 a reality.

From a business standpoint, we absolutely should have gone ahead with a new model a long time ago.

However, the fact is that I couldn’t bring myself to allow TALEX to release a speed camera detector that wasn’t right…

Anyway, we’ve finally got it right, and the TALEX 3 pre-launch is now LIVE to Members:

All the best,


Pre-Order your TALEX 3 Here

Update Tuesday 28th July 2020:

We hit our target of 5,000 Initial Users!
You can still order if this page is visible, however the Launch Deal won’t be open indefinitely.