TALEX 3 Launch


It’s Taken 4 Years, But The Brand New Wireless Update ‘TALEX 3’ Speed Camera Detector is *Finally* HERE!

From: Adam Blair
Founder, BTST, DriveProtect, TALEX*

Dear Fellow BTST Member,

“Excited” somewhat understates my feelings that TALEX 3 is *finally* ready to pre-launch to Members!

We’ve been working on this for a LONG time.

I’m extremely ‘OCD’ when it comes to product design, which is the biggest reason TALEX 3 has taken us so long to make…

We’ve been down many blind alleys along the way, including working with several different factories from around the World, and trying multiple different design concepts.

After years of work, I’m thrilled to announce the pre-launch of TALEX 3:

TALEX 3 Updates Wirelessly!

TALEX 3 comes with a built in SIM card, which *automatically* downloads the latest version of the TALEX Database as soon it’s updated!

This means you’ll always have the very latest Database on your TALEX, without having to remember to plug it in to a computer.

With the rapid proliferation of new speed cameras over the last few years, we made the Wireless Update system the key element of the design. It means you’ve always got the absolute latest TALEX Database, without having to think about plugging it in to download it!

User Alerts

As with the “old” TALEX, known locations for mobile speed traps are reported as “Possible Mobile Speed Trap”.

However, when the Police decide to set up in a new location, Members can report it to other TALEX users nearby and it will automatically be downloaded to their device.

Members can alert each other about mobile speed trap locations which have just popped up overnight with one click.

When a TALEX 3 User spots a new Mobile Speed Trap location, they can just click the Community Alert button.

TALEX 3 will ask for a confirmation and then that location will *instantly* and privately be broadcasted to other Users’ devices within a 50 mile radius:

If you’re outside the 50 mile radius, but subsequently enter it on that day, your device will automatically download the reported location.

If regular alerts occur in the same location, we’ll add it as a permanent “possible mobile speed trap” location to the master TALEX Database.

We’ve also designed a sophisticated system to eliminate any “bad actors” that consistently report false locations to the network.

The brand new Wireless Updates and User Alerts combined mean that you’ll always have the very latest Database on your TALEX, without having to remember to plug it in to a computer to download the latest database.

TALEX Quality

We’ve always insisted that TALEX 3 must live up to the TALEX Quality Standard.

If you’ve owned a TALEX before, you’ll know what I mean by this.

TALEX products have to feel special – something that you like or even love to own. We’ve taken a LOT of time to develop TALEX 3 to the high standards that were set in the past.

Making amazing products, combined with the best speed camera database in the UK was how TALEX was successful in the past — gaining the #2 spot in the market after the once mighty Road Angel — and that’s the approach we’ve continued to take with TALEX 3.

Intelligent Alert Distance

Older generation TALEX models all had a static alert distance.

This meant whether you were driving at 5mph, 50mph or 100mph, the distance between the alert and the speed trap was the same.

TALEX 3 has the brand new Intelligent Alert Distance feature for Member Reported mobile speed traps. The objective is to make sure that if you’re significantly above the speed limit, the warning distance will be much greater.

Conversely if you’re crawling along in traffic, it will be much shorter.

Intelligent Alert Distance uses several variables to calculate the alert distance. It takes into account that on motorways, mobile speed traps can catch you from a long way away — as well as, crucially, the time you’ll need to slow down safely.

The last thing you want is to have to slam on the brakes as soon as an alert sounds!

Current Speed Display

One of the features of the “old” TALEX devices Users loved was the “always on” current speed display which is extremely accurate.

To get very accurate speed using GPS you have to use high quality commercial grade components that are properly engineered in to the firmware that runs on the device.

I’m sure you’ve seen cheap GPS systems in the past where there’s a ‘lag’ between the vehicle speed and the speed shown on the screen. Sometimes you can be stationary in a traffic jam doing 10mph…

We walked away from several factories who couldn’t solve this ‘lag’ issue.

Even our expensive (non TALEX!) £650 race data logger shows that the car is moving at 1mph while stationary in the pit garage. I can tell you I find this highly irritating!

Not so with TALEX 3.

Just like the “old” TALEX devices, the product is properly engineered, so that the speed you see is the exact speed you’re travelling at.

On-Screen Compass

We’ve added a non-intrusive compass to the home screen of TALEX 3 for those times you want to make sure you’re heading the right direction on to a Motorway.

“Overspeed” Adjustment

Another new feature on TALEX 3 means that you can adjust the speed at which you get an ‘overspeed’ alert approaching a speed camera, or in an average speed camera zone…

You might want it to be set at the exact speed limit, or you may want to increase it a little — according to your personal preference.

You can increase in increments of 1MPH, however the standard setting should be spot on for most users :-)

You can also switch the “overspeed” alerts off altogether…

Choose if you want “Overspeed” Alerts or Not:

As standard, your TALEX 3 will alert you if you’re “overspeeding” during an average speed camera zone or when approaching a speed camera.

However, if you don’t want a continuous reminder to slow down for whatever reason, you can switch this function off.

Download different Voice Alerts!

As standard, the TALEX 3 comes with the soothing “TALEX Lady” style voice that most of us have grown so fond of :-)

However, with TALEX 3 there will be the option of downloading different voice files in future for those who prefer a different accent. We might even record some comedy ones – lets see what Users ask for once we get the TALEX 3 network fully up and running!


The new TALEX comes with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

This starts from the date of delivery and not the date of order.

TALEX Guarantee

If you have any issues after the 2 year Warranty period, we will endeavour to either fix your unit for free, or replace it for you at a heavily subsidised price.


We want to keep Members happy, and we also want you to remain part of the TALEX 3 network!

It makes sense to operate like this. We’re not (and have never been) a company who want our products to break after the warranty so that you have buy another one. We prefer to have long term Members who contribute to and benefit from being part of the network.

Pre-Launch Deal for BTST & DriveProtect Members, and ‘Old’ TALEX Users:

We’re offering a Pre-Launch Deal for BTST and DriveProtect Members, and “old” TALEX Users.

In return for pre-ordering, I’m pleased to announce that you can reserve your TALEX 3 for HALF PRICE:

Why half price? Historically, this has been the best incentive (in terms of take up rate), and we want as many TALEX 3 Users as possible to join the network.

The more users, the better the network!

Because of the Wireless Update technology — not to mention the development costs — TALEX 3 is significantly more expensive to produce than the “old” TALEX units.

However, factoring in inflation, we’ve kept the price broadly the same as the “old” TALEX when we launched it in 2008! :-)

Limited Time Deal

We want to get as many Users as possible using TALEX 3, because of the “network effect”. The more people use TALEX 3 the better, because we have more Users on the roads to report new mobile speed trap locations that haven’t been used before, and alert other Members in the vicinity.

For this reason, we’ve decided not to limit the number of TALEX 3 units available in the pre-launch deal, but we WILL be limiting the time that the deal is available so that we can progress to the manufacturing stage.

TALEX 3 will be available for sale to the public after we take delivery but it will be twice the price.

90 Day Trial

If TALEX 3 doesn’t live up to your expectations for any reason (or no reason at all), you can return it within 90 days of delivery for a full refund.

Two Pre-Order Options:

We’ve decided to offer Members two options:

Option #1: Pre-Order and get TALEX 3 at HALF PRICE.

Option #2: Pay a £25 Deposit and get a 30% Discount.  If you choose this option, we’ll email you when TALEX 3 arrives to request the balance of the payment before shipping. This option is for Members who don’t mind paying a bit more, but would prefer to pay the balance when TALEX 3 arrives. Because we have to “front” the money to order your TALEX 3 unit from the factory, this deposit is non refundable.

Terms of Pre-Launch Deal & 90- Day Trial:

In return for pre-ordering, we’re offering BTST and DriveProtect Members the chance to get TALEX 3 at HALF PRICE.

We ask in return that you don’t claim on the 90 Day Trial until you’ve actually received your TALEX 3 and tested it out.

This offer is intended for Members who actually want to become a TALEX 3 community Member, while still giving you the protection of being able to return your TALEX 3 if it doesn’t live up to your expectations (see 90 Day Trial above)…

The 90 Day Trial starts from the date of delivery to you (not the date of order, for obvious reasons).

Database Updates

To get the pre-launch Deal on TALEX 3, you can order on this page.

On the “thankyou” page you’ll see after the order confirmation, you’ll be able to set up your Direct Debit for your monthly database subscription.

As we’ve always maintained, TALEX doesn’t believe in “lifetime memberships” because without the monthly contribution from Members, we couldn’t afford to maintain the Database as the very best in the UK.

Incidentally, every single one of our old “lifetime updates” competitors has either gone out of business or stopped updating their databases as we predicted they would, because they have no income to maintain them!

The monthly database cost (including data charges!) is £5.17/month. If you’re interested in how we got to that number, you can read an explanation here.

Although your subscription will be “set up” straight away, you will not be charged until the day your TALEX 3 is delivered.

Of course you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, which is part of the reason that we use Direct Debit :-)

When to expect Delivery

Although we haven’t got an exact delivery date yet, because we’re just finishing up the last “bits and pieces” – the last minor details which will make TALEX 3 just right — we’re comfortable enough to pre-launch it now.

It’s possible delivery will be quite soon, but we prefer to err on the side of caution and give a very broad target delivery date of 2020.

If there is any significant deviation, we’ll keep you informed, however we’re not expecting any.

Please tick to confirm you’ve read and agree with the Terms of offer above:

Option #1 (cheapest):

Pre-Order your TALEX 3 Now

Pre-order now with ₿itcoin

Option #2 (deposit now, balance later):

Pay a £25 Deposit and get 30% Discount

I’m super excited that you’ve decided to become a part of the TALEX 3 community. Together, we are strong.

All the best,

P.S. Just a reminder that that this pre-launch Deal is going to be very limited in terms of the time it’s available to Members.

Of course it will be available to new Users after it launches but it will be twice the price.

I’d also like to remind you about the 90 Day Trail (which starts from the date you *receive* your TALEX 3), so you can pre-order your TALEX 3 with piece of mind :-)

Please tick to confirm you have read and agree with the Terms of the offer above:

Option #1 (cheapest):

Pre-Order your TALEX 3 Now

Pre-order now with ₿itcoin

Option #2 (deposit now, balance later):

Pay a £25 Deposit and get 30% Discount