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Dear All,

A lot of people – including myself – have concerns about the rollout of 5G.

They/we feel it is untested, and could potentially present a danger to human health…

So I wanted to assure Members that TALEX 3 will not use 5G.

Besides the fact that there was no way we’d entertain having TALEX 3 operate on 5G frequencies, it’s actually completely unnecessary for this type of device…

Instead TALEX 3 works on the tried and tested low energy 2G network.

“Why 2G”? I hear you ask… “Isn’t that old tech”?

Well, yes and no. 2G has been around for the last 30 years, so in that sense it’s “old”.

The great thing about 2G is that it operates using very low power, and it’s extremely reliable.

2G is the Gold Standard for “machine data” services like vehicle telematics all over the World, where small packets of data are needed to be *reliably* received or transmitted.

3G and 4G are really consumer grade technologies for things like streaming videos on your phone, or surfing the Internet.

My good friend Ian — who is an oracle on such matters — tells me that 3G is likely to get phased out now that the World is hooked on 4G …and it looks like 5G is incoming!

However, 2G will remain as the stable platform for machine data.

I know that some Members won’t really care how TALEX 3 works — they just want it to work!

However for those Members who share my concerns about 5G, I wanted to share this info with you :-)

All the best,


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Update Tuesday 28th July 2020:

We hit our target of 5,000 Initial Users!
You can still order if this page is visible, however the Launch Deal won’t be open indefinitely.