TALEX 3 Display – First Look!

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Dear All,

We had an email on Saturday asking to see what the display on TALEX 3 looks like…

So I buzzed out and took a few images of one of the later stage prototypes of TALEX 3.

TALEX 3 showing the time and compass on startup:

TALEX 3 showing the countdown to a speed trap:

In this case, TALEX 3 is showing 73 meters to go. It counts down continuously so you know how far you are from the speed trap. It also shows the direction the speed camera is facing — in this example it’s just around the next right hand curve facing towards us, hence the orange arrow on the right of the display:

All possible visual alerts for TALEX 3 (test mode):

This image shows all the possible display functions at once. This particular prototype has white numbers. However we’re planning to use the old ‘TALEX green’ instead, unless Members tell us they prefer white — if you have a preference please let us know!

All the best,

P.S. As of 6:20 this morning 4493 Members have reserved their TALEX 3.

That means there are just *507* TALEX 3 units left until we reach the target of 5k initial Users.

If you haven’t yet reserved your TALEX 3, you can do so here:

Pre-Order your TALEX 3 Here

Update Tuesday 28th July 2020:

We hit our target of 5,000 Initial Users!
You can still order if this page is visible, however the Launch Deal won’t be open indefinitely.