TALEX 3: 4 Years in Development

1- Introducing 2- 4 Years in Development! 3- TALEX 3 is *PRIVATE* 4- TALEX 3 says “NO” to 5G 5- Where is TALEX 3 in Development? 6- Display – First Look 7- Sounds – First Listen Dear All, It’s taken 4 years of development, but TALEX 3 will *finally* be ready to pre-launch to Members on

Big News: TALEX 3 Almost Ready!

Dear All, I woke up to some incredible news today! You may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet on development of TALEX 3… We’d been struggling to overcome one specific technical challenge relating to voice alert quality. You’d think it shouldn’t have been a challenge, but it was… Anyway, this morning I woke to

First Pictures: TALEX 3!

Dear All, We’re almost done with development of TALEX 3 and have just photographed the (hopefully) “final” prototype! TALEX 3 updates WIRELESSLY — so it always stays up to date automatically…   …as well as having some other pretty awesome new features :-) The plan is to pre-launch TALEX 3 to BTST and DriveProtect Members