First Pictures: TALEX 3!

Dear All,

We’re almost done with development of TALEX 3 and have just photographed the (hopefully) “final” prototype!

TALEX 3 updates WIRELESSLY — so it always stays up to date automatically


…as well as having some other pretty awesome new features :-)

The plan is to pre-launch TALEX 3 to BTST and DriveProtect Members in return for a major discount.

More info very soon..!

All the best,


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    1. How does it handle the 5.5mile stretch of average speed cameras (50mph) on the A2 from Falconwood before the overpass to past Black Prince – just before the national speed limit sign.
      I have taken to using a garmin moving average speed calculator


    1. Hi Simon

      It updates wirelessly so works independently. It also has other features which work with both Windows and iOS :-)

      1. Hi Adam, what about discounts for the faithful TALEX members who have also been with you since the original TALEX launch. Please don’t forget a good discount for us too. Or must we have to become drive protect members before being considered. Richard

  1. How much is it going to be to buy and how much is the subscription.
    Will my 2 talex’s I already have still be usable.

      1. I will definitely get one if it does, otherwise there’s not much point! If you’re happy with the one you have, why would you want another one unless it’s vastly superior? I note Adam didn’t answer that one!

  2. Looks great and will be a welcome replacement even though my original is still working fine.A testament to a great product

  3. Could you please increase the volume level please, the previous one was sometimes difficult to hear.

    My car was stolen along with my talex, yes I need to buy a new one.

    1. Looking at the image it’s using the older mini USB port, assuming the final version will have the current micro USB port which was adopted to increase standardisation and reduce the number of cables we need to carry around.

  4. I already have an original talex bought with lifetime subscription and a talex 2 that I pay monthly for. How do I stand if I buy the new one?

  5. If it does both Fixed & Mobile (Sneaky) cameras Plus (if necessary) works with Mozilla Firefox then Wundeebar !!!

  6. Yes, we all need a new one, I certainly do. I am looking forward to learning more about what it will do, costs of course and and and and….

    1. Hi Rob, not ignoring, I’ve asked Louisa to respond to comments a bit later :-)

      Cost is going to be more competitive than the “old” TALEX – that’s all I’m saying for now :-)

  7. I have my existing Talex hot wired with your (supplied as an extra) cable. Will the new Talex be able to be hot wired
    with the already supplied cable I am using or will I have to buy a new one to fit the new Talex socket or will the existing
    cable fit the new Talex. Looking forward to it.

  8. Hi, would we be able to exchange older models for a further discount, as not to have them lying around?
    You could maybe then sell these on again.


  9. Would be great in time for Christmas, been waiting a long time for this new model. Had both of the earlier Talex models but this one sounds a perfect upgrade

  10. Had to cancel my subscriptions in September as the old model stopped working since the system changed hope i get a discount when the new model arrives

  11. Hi Adam,I bought 3 original Talex with free lifetime subscriptions at a cost of over £300 . After about 2 years I was told the free subscription no longer applied and was not offered an alternative subscription. I keep one in my current car ,whilst it is very good at what it does it is obviously hasn’t been updated for years.I am therefore very wary about any new product. Can my Talex still be updated ?.

  12. My in-car Bluetooth can be set to variably reduce music, playback volume if a ‘phone call is recieved, thus allowing me to hear the audio over the, otherwise, “bangin'” noise.
    Is this version compatible?

  13. Have the original talex and seperate laser detector.will consider the new talex3 depending on price and update charges.

  14. IF WE ALL this includes me kept to the speed limit we would not need one but how can we do this when the so called powers that be keep changing the dam thing at will and they are so sneaky underhanded dishonest and will never be trusted so one and all buy one or stress out.

  15. Like Tony I have the original Talex 1 and 2 and separate laser detector and will consider the new Talex3 depending on the update changes and how competitively its priced

  16. Looking good I have missed my Talex since it went faulty and it could not be repaired and you had no stock left so I could replace it.
    Looking forward to purchasing this new model.

  17. Have had my Talex 2 repair a few times, so certainly interested as I don’t think another repair will be available,I will still use my dashcam till the Talex version comes out

  18. Like the fact that this one is wireless… we stopped using the original unit due to the messiness of wires trailing around on the dashboard…

    Am interested to learn of features included with this latest unit.

    The price is also very important so it needs to be affordable.

  19. I’ve been a subscriber for years and would be interested if the price was set at an affordable level. If it was too high, I’d stick with the Talex I already have. I, too, would appreciate a video to show what it does and how to set it and an estimate as to when it will be ready.

  20. I purchased a Talex Wikango which no longer updates, and hasn’t done for quite some time. It is now only used as a gps speedo. Will the Talex 3 go the same way or will it continue to be updatable? I would be interested in the new Talex, but after purchasing the Wikango I’m a bit concerned about spending on something which may only be useful for a short time. Will there be a discount for those who purchased the Wikango?

    1. Hi David

      Sorry to hear this. Wikango was a “joint venture” where we used the hardware from a French manufacturer (Wikango) who then subsequently went in to administration, which made things quite difficult for us. Lesson learned and TALEX 3 is 100% TALEX from the ground up. We will have full control over everything. There will be a nice discount for all Members — I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised :-)

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