Big News: TALEX 3 Almost Ready!

Dear All,

I woke up to some incredible news today!

You may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet on development of TALEX 3…

We’d been struggling to overcome one specific technical challenge relating to voice alert quality.

You’d think it shouldn’t have been a challenge, but it was…

Anyway, this morning I woke to a video of TALEX 3 working exactly as we’ve been trying to achieve behind the scenes for the last six months!

TALEX 3 Speed Camera Detector

This means we’re finally ready to go ahead with the pre-launch!

TALEX 3 Development

Developing a brand new product is *extremely* hard work, and painfully slow…

When you think “oh, this issue should only take a few days to fix”, it can sometimes takes¬†months of back and forth to get it right!

…You’d think I’d learn eventually, but I’m always surprised how long things take :-)

I’m sure some brands would say “well, it’s good enough as it is”.

But that’s not our nature. Personally, I’m extremely ‘OCD’ about products feeling …just right.

That means that it can often take weeks, months — or very occasionally even YEARS! — working on small ‘niggles’ which to others might not find that important, but I think our Users will appreciate.

We’ve actually had working models for TALEX 3 which were “good enough” previously, but which we ultimately rejected because they weren’t quite right in one way or another.

So What Is TALEX 3?

We’ll release full details VERY soon, but essentially it will share the quality of previous TALEX models, with wireless automatic real time daily updates!

Anyway, all of the major development work is now *done*.

All that’s left to do are a few final tweaks and TALEX 3 will be 100% ready :-)

TALEX 3 Pre-Launch to Members

We’re now confident enough to conduct the pre-launch to BTST and DriveProtect Members.

The plan is to offer a major discount to Members who pre-order!

I’ll get details to you very, very soon :-)

All the best,