TALEX Design Focus Group

We’ll email the group with any questions relating to important design decisions during final development to help shape how the final product works and looks etc…

And if we need any field testing of products, we’ll also ask the group if you’d like to participate.

Join the TALEX Design Focus Group below:

    7 thoughts on “TALEX Design Focus Group”

    1. Thank you for this. I bought a next-generation talex (I was one of those who paid up to fund the development) and was really disappointed. It seems ages ago, but there were problems with the notification of camers generally, and specifically gantry camers on motorways. I regretfully returned it.
      Having been a loyal talex owner for many years, owning each generation, I sent a long detailed technical report back to your team about my concernns about the firmware (I’m an Aero engineer and 737 pilot so am used to complex systems). They thanked me and said, at some point, this Talex group would be created. I’m happy to join and help.
      Martin 07804080603

    2. I’m retired and only a low mileage driver on both four wheels and two. If my contribution is of any value , I’d be pleased to help.

    3. Would like the new device to warn when approaching camera and also stating speed limits, including 20mph
      Bough my first Talex device from woolworths, decades ago and had no problems until the introduction of the latest deice

    4. Adam I will be happy to join. It would be my intention to try to keep it all as simple as possible and if you need that reminder from time to time, please include me!
      Best wishes

    5. Have been using Talex since first model introduced and up-graded to latest on on its release been reasonably happy but latest version lost some of the useful features from the first model, biggest annoyance is the loss of the speed indicator as you approach a camera.
      Other annoyance is more with database which is good at adding new sites but very slow at removing them i.e. Temporary average speed have a number still coming up as alerts which were deactivated over 12 months ago.

    6. Hi Adam, thanks for the invite to join the TALEX Design Focus Group, I would be happy to help in this way.
      Back in October last year I provided some feedback on the Talex 3 and had some very helpful and encouraging replies from Louisa on your helpdesk but I am still waiting for the firmware updates that were supposedly imminent at that time.

      The Talex 3 has some significant benefits over the older units I owned, in particular:
      • A brighter display
      • Auto update

      My key firmware concerns however are:
      • VERY inaccurate speed display
      • Too large a change in dB level on the volume settings
      • No control over the annoying messages, particularly the cloud update ones

      Issues regarding the hardware design are:
      • Power cable routes forward rather than back making wiring untidy
      • Power cable is too thick making it difficult to route behind the dashboard.
      • SIM card in the power plug rather than the dashtop unit making it difficult to hard wire the unit into the car
      • Buttons on top of unit create an annoying reflection in the windscreen
      • Compass letters on the display are so small that they are useless

      I look forward to the opportunity to comment on you latest proposals.


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