TALEX 3 Update 25/3/21

Dear All,

Just a real quick update on TALEX 3. We’re so close now — just in the very final stages — fingers crossed…


2 thoughts on “TALEX 3 Update 25/3/21”

  1. Been a long wait Adam. Really hope it is ready for postage very soon. Been waiting on order 986 since paying on the 2nd. July 2020. Almost a year now. Glad the Talex 2 has not let me down and still works. Too be honest, if I had known I was going to wait almost a year, I would have kept my £100 in the bank as I am sure, a lot of other buyers must feel the same. We should all have been warned it was going to be almost a year before even getting Talex3 to try out for ourselves. I have read a few comments months ago asking where there Talex3 is. At first I thought it might be the COVID that was holding it up, now my patience is running out. Do you have a date yet for distribution?

    • Hi Robert, firstly thanks for your patience and your continued support of our brand. Talex 3 is very nearly ready for release, we appreciate it has been a long road but the product will be worth it in the end.

      If you check out Adams latest blog post video you can see how far we have come and gain some insight into what we have been doing. As with any product development cycle issue are found along the way, and we have to make sure that everything is perfect prior to release. If you can afford us a little more patience Talex 3 will be arriving soon!