TALEX 3 Update 18/7/21

Dear All,

I’ve been meaning to update you on TALEX 3 for a few weeks now…

Honestly, I wanted to wait until I could say “it’s ready and on the way” but I think too much time has passed to go without an update, so here it is:

Correction: in the video I said that around 35% of Users agreed with me. I just checked and the figure is actually 52.52%

I hope the video doesn’t come across as negative or defeatist. I am just frustrated that we haven’t got TALEX 3 delivered yet, as I know many TALEX Users are too.

As I say in the video, no one is more incentivised to get it delivered than me because:

a) It’s my reputation on the line, and;
b) I’m personally covering the financial shortfall in subscription income every month that goes by without TALEX 3 being in Users vehicles!

I’m definitely NOT negative on it.

We are all super motivated to get TALEX 3 out, and its our absolute top priority.

All the best,