Amazing News: TALEX 3 Ready!

Dear All,

It is with enormous pleasure and — honestly — huge relief that I can report that TALEX 3 is finally ready!

I really wanted to email you last week after Lou confirmed all her tests were successful, but I thought that would be tempting fate and so decided to wait until I’d done one final road test myself.

I’m happy to say that I just got back and everything seems to be working perfectly.

A massive thanks to Tom, Mem, Ian, but most of all Louisa, who was the one who really took TALEX 3’s final stages of development by the horns and got it done.

Next steps:

We will contact the factory and arrange to pay the shipping cost for the devices today (I wanted to email you before anyone else!);

The TALEX 3’s — which have been manufactured for some time now — will be flashed with the finished firmware;

Once done, they’re shipping will be arranged to our UK office;

We’ll manually pair each data SIM with its correspondent device (this is just for subscription purposes);

We’ll get your TALEX 3 out to you, along with all the other Users’ devices and the network will be live!

I don’t know exactly how long this process will take at this stage but what I can tell you is that it will be as quick as humanly possible…

Thanks so much for your patience — I’ll keep you updated with progress.

Exciting times ahead for TALEX!

All the best,