Factory Refurbished TALEX

Factory Refurbished TALEX with 2 year warranty from just £60. Just fill in the form below and we will call you back to let you know what we have available in stock currently.

Spare Parts

1.5 Meter Power Cable - Plug & Play Type

With the 1.5 Meter Long cable, you can simply run it around the trim of your car, and straight to the cigarette lighter plug.

(Order this if you do not have electronic installation experience and want to easily install it yourself -- anyone can do this)

4 Meter Power Cable - Hard Wire Type

The Hard Wire Kit gives your detector seamless integration into your car. If you are a bit handy with automotive electrics then this is the one for you. If you are not confident enough to install the hardwire cable yourself, then you will need a Mechanic or Auto Electrician (for example a car stereo shop) to do it for you.

(Order this one if you have basic electronic installation experience or are going to ask a mechanic or automotive installer to install for you)

Magnetic Mount

The Magnetic Mount gives your detector seamless integration into your car.

Wikango Hardwire Kit

Allows you to “hardwire” your Max in to your car, meaning that you will never have to plug it in using the power cable to charge the battery.

You should have a qualified auto electrician install the hardwire kit.

We can recommend “Handsfree” who will do it for £55+vat and can be contacted on 0161 430 8770

TALEX Lite USB EL ET Versions

USB Cable or computer update cable for your TALEX LITE starting EL or ET

TALEX Black TAL 08/09 Versions

USB cable or computer update cable for your TALEX Serial starting TAL or 08/09

Temporarily out of stock